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Date Time Opponent Score Players of the Game
12/5/16 7:00pm @ Gaylord High School 64-54

Spencer White 21pts

Justin Nicholas 15pts

12/6/16 7:00pm Gaylord Lady Blue Devils 35-48

Grayling- Natalie Amy

Gaylord- Casey Korte

12/10/16 12:30pm Carrollton High School @ SVSU 55-59

Grayling Troy Summers 17pts

Spencer White 6/6 Ft

Saginaw Jay Gallant  15pts

12/13/16 7:00pm @ Boyne City High School 44-49

Grayling Nick Hunter 4pts 2/3 FT

Troy Summers 7pts 18RB 3 Blocks

Boyne City Eric Carson 19pts 4/3's

12/16/16 7:00pm St. John Paul II (Ontario) 71-67

Grayling Trey Moffit 20 pts 5/3's

Troy Summers 19pts 14 RB

Christian Artress 7pts 2/3's

St John Paul II  Zachary John

1/6/17 7:00pm Charlevoix High School 57-54

Grayling Troy Summers 29pts 23 RB

Charlevoix Colin Smith 19pts  5/3's

1/10/17 7:00pm Ogemaw Heights High School 0-0 Cancelled due to weather
1/13/17 5:30pm East Jordan High School Girls 32-58

Grayling Natalie Amy 15 pts

East Jordan Cassey Wojan 13pts 10RB

1/13/17 7:00pm East Jordon High School Boys 86-56

Grayling Spencer White, Ryan Anderson and Louis Cotton

East Jordan Jackson Robbins

1/17/17 7:00pm @ Harbor Springs High School 61-39

Troy Summers 19pt 14 RB

Spencer White 16pts 6 RB

1/20/17 7:00pm Elk Rapids High School



Grayling Troy Summers 23pts 19RB

Justin Nicholas 17pts 6RB

Elk Rapids Devon Sempert 16pts 10RB

1/24/17 7:00pm Traverse City St. Francis High School 65-70

Grayling Troy Summers 26pts 13RB 2 Blocks

Spencer White 21pts 5 RB

St Francis Marek Lautky 16pts 6 RB

1/27/17 7:30pm @ Kalkaska High School 64-56

Grayling Troy Summers 29pts 25 RB

Kalkaska Brock Reimer 17pts 4/3's 3/4 FT

1/30/17 7:oopm Make up game Ogemaw Heigts 73-44

Grayling Troy Summes 32pts 15RB

Justin Nicholas 13pts 2/3's  3/3FT

Ogemaw Heights Jace Courtmanche 15pts 2/3's 3/3FT

1/31/17 7:00pm Houghton Lake High School 61-27

Grayling Brent Weismiller 6pts 4 RB

Spencer White 18pts 9RB 1 block

Houghton Lake Shawn McKinely 2pts RB

2/3/17 7:00pm @ Charlevoix High School 72-71 OT

Grayling Troy Summers 29pts 12RB-set School record for RB

Spencer White 24ots 6/6FT

Christian Artris 3/3FT to send game into OT

Charlevoix Kevin Pearl 27pts 7/3's

2/7/17 7:00pm Boyne City High School 76-68

Grayling Justin Nicholas 23pts 5/3's 8/8FT

Troy Summers 27pts 13RB

Spencer White 20pts 3RB 8/9 FT

Boyne City Jacob Ager 15pts 3RB 1Block

2/10/17 5:30pm

Boys and Girls games

@ East Jordan High School


2/14/17 7:00pm Harbor Springs High School 67-55 Grayling  Spencer Tomczak
2/17/17 7:00pm @ Elk Rapids High School 59-71

Grayling Troy Summers 27pts 12RB 2 Blocks

Elk Rapids Devon Sempert 31pts 6/3's 4RB

2/21/17 7:00pm @ Traverse City St. Francis High School 57-60

Grayling Spencer White 22pts 4/3's 5RB

Troy Summers 17pts 1/dunk 20RB

2/24/17 7:00pm Kalkaska High School 65-42

Grayling Troy Summers 23pts 1/dunk 14RB

Spencer White 20pts

Sammy Davis 3pts

Kalkaska Hayden Zimmerman 10pts 2/3's

2/27/17 7:00pm @East Jordan Make up game 67-43

Grayling Trey Moffit 21pts 3/3's

Troy Summers 23pts 18RB

Christian Artris 6pts 2/3's

East Jordon Jackson Robbins 14pts 1/3 2 Blocks

2/28/17 7:30pm @ Roscommon High School 56-50

Grayling Nick Hunter 5pts 3/4FT

Troy Summers 23pts 23RB

Spencer White 17pts 9/13FT

Roscommon Kaleb Keipert 11pts 12RB 

3/6/17 6:00pm Districts-Kalkaska High School 64-44

Grayling Spencer White 29pts 5RB 1Block

Troy Summers 18pts 16RB 1Block

Kalkaska Joe Stosio 17pts  3/3's

3/9/17 6:00pm District Semis  Saulte Ste Marie 51-48

Troy Summers 19pts 12RB 3/4FT 1 Block

Spencer White 18pts 10/12FT

Brent Wiesmiller 4pt

3/10/17 6:00pm District Finals @ Kingsley 63-47

Spencer White 26pts 12/16FT

Troy Summers 20pts 12RB 3blocks

Christian Artis 6pts

Kingsley - Dillon Reno 8pts 2RB

3/13/17 6:00pm Regional Semi @ Soo against Gladstone 69-74

Troy Summers 20pts 11RB 380RB Season Record 

Spencer White 17pts 1Block

Trey Moffit 16pts 5/3's

Christian Artis 10pts 2/3's




You can hear the games by streaming Q100.3


Good Luck Vikings!!!!


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