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Lions disgrace selves – again



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The hardest part about getting a tattoo is figuring out what you want to display forever on your body’s canvass, and exactly where to put it. But if I were in the market for another one – I am not, though perhaps I should be – those decisions would be fairly easy.


After falling once again for the Detroit Lions after they briefly masqueraded as an actual NFL team, I’m feeling both shameful and betrayed. Should have known better, eh? I mean, how often do they have to do this to us before we get it?


For me, someone who remembers the Bobby Layne-led-Lions beating Cleveland, 59-14 for their pre-Super Bowl NFL championship on Dec. 29, 1957, it has surpassed six decades now. And yet, as soon as they string a few wins together. . . OK, I wasn’t quite ready to call for a parade, but when the Lions were 3-3 I felt they certainly were ready to challenge for an eminently winnable NFC North title this season.


Silly me. Despite my surly, skeptical, cynical sports writer’s disposition, I got sucked in like the legion of gullible Detroit football fans who keep paying outrageous ticket prices to watch a pathetic excuse for professional football at Ford Field.


I’m a dumb ass. In fact, that’s what I should have tattooed on my forehead, backwards – like on the hood of an ambulance – so that every time I look in the mirror I am reminded by my own stupidity when it comes to this team. It’s disgraceful, and so is my feeble attempt to accurately predict how the Lions sill perform on any given Sunday.


But since that’s what the good folks at Blarney Stone Broadcasting are paying for, I’ll continue making a fool of myself.


The envelope, please:


Matchup: Michigan State (6-4, 4-3 Big Ten) at Nebraska (3-7, 2-5).

Kickoff: Noon, Saturday, Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, Nebraska.

TV/radio: Fox

Line: Spartans by 2.


Prediction: Without a reliable quarterback, the Spartans will have to rely on its shutdown defense against a team that is playing a whole lot better in recent weeks. After their 0-6 start, the Cornhuskers averaged 45.8 points in winning three of their last four games. Michigan State’s defense will be mightily tested. But can the Spartans’ sputtering offense score enough to win against another tough opponent on the road? Nope. Nebraska 17, Michigan State 13



Matchup: No. 4 Michigan (9-1, 7-0) vs. Indiana (5-5, 2-5).

Kickoff: 4 p.m. Saturday, Michigan Stadium.

TV/radio: Fox Sports 1; WQON (100.3-FM).

Line: Wolverines by 27 1/2.


Prediction: The Wolverines go vanilla, big time, in this one, building an early lead and emptying the benches to give everyone a chance to shine on Senior Day at the Big House. Don’t expect Michigan to cover this large point spread against a team that has competed pretty well against the Wolverines in recent years. Staying healthy ahead of the Ohio State game next week is far more important. Michigan 35-10.




Matchup: Detroit Lions 3-6, Carolina Panthers 6-3

Kickoff: 1 p.m. Sunday, Ford Field, Detroit

TV/radio: Fox, WQON (100.3-FM)

Line: Panthers by 3 1/2


I totally give up on this team, which probably means it’s about to reel off a couple of victories in its next three games – all at home. But a team that can’t protect its quarterback or open holes for a running game because of a sieve of an offensive line, and one that has a hard time defending the run or the pass – and Carolina does both very well – doesn’t stand a chance on Sunday. Carolina 17, Detroit 13


Thanksgiving Day vs. Chicago: Just about the time everyone else jumps off the bandwagon after four straight double-digit losses, the Lions rise and find a way to win a game they shouldn’t. Don’t ask why or how. Maybe because it’s Thanksgiving. Detroit 20, Chicago 17




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