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Sean "Finster" Finnigan- I was born and raised in New Fairfield Connecticut, and my 91-year-old father is still married to my 81-year-old mother and still live in the same house I grew up in. I’ve been doing morning radio in Northern Michigan since 2007 but started in 1999 in West Palm Beach Florida. Sitting out of radio for the past year because of a stupid non compete agreement was being like a bird without its wings, but it did teach me to read the fine print before I sign anything. I’m divorced, but still, co-parent my now 14-year-old stepson. I love dogs, Pugs especially and live with 3 of them. My favorite thing to do other than radio is to make people laugh, and help animals. Can’t wait to hear from you all!
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Hi Friends! My name is Krystal. I am tall, loud and great at organizing chaos. In 2007, I graduate from Central Michigan University (FIRE UP CHIPS!) with a Business Management Degree minoring in Hospitality and moved to Traverse City. I worked in Hospitality for seven years before starting my new path at The Village. You will typically find me running from one end of the building to the other scheduling tours, planning Village Events and now co-hosting a morning radio show! During Finster's year of non-compete he worked for me caboosing and conducting tours...a year and a half later here we are! After co-hosting on Q100 and running around The Village I go home to my three crazy kiddos (Brynn 7, Aiden & Dylan 4 - Yes Twins) and my hubby Scott. A few fun facts about me...I love all things music and will be the FIRST to start dancing in a crowd of people. I went to the same High School as Kid Rock and even had his locker in 9th grade! I can't wait to see what's to come on my new radio journey. Thanks for listening!

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